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Marbella Ready to Fish in Cozumel

After working for weeks on the engines, after cleaning a for good time, and after testing the gear for weeks, we are ready for the new fishing chapter of the Marbella. May we introduce ourselves: The BillfishBoys. Billfish because we looooooooooove to catch (and release) Billfish. Boys… well yeah, that’s us.

Going out with the BillfishBoys on the Marbella is different than ANY other fishing charter in Cozumel. Why? Well, we are not just a couple of local fishermen trying to get you into fish. NO! The BillfishBoys go ALL the way to hunt for your trophy fish based on knowledge and experience. Our motto is “if we can´t find fish, nobody can!”.

The Marbella has its own crew: the BillfishBoys. You book with us, for sure you go out with us. We don’t rent a boat. You will join us on the Marbella. The Marbella itself is an amazing luxury boat.

We depart daily from the Puerto de Abrigo in Cozumel.

See you soon!

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